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This post is just meant as a quick update for everyone who follows this blog. Sorry I've been so inactive lately, I was really busy preparing for the Recurse Center. This meant finalizing all of the cooperations with my clients—handovers, meetings, evaluations, etc.—, seeing all of my friends before I leave—I think the last two weeks have been more dense in dates than any time in my life—, and the usual packing and organizing.

Now I'm in Williamsburg. I'm staying at Hewes Street on broadway, meaning I'm almost in Bushwick and I'm hearing the subway constantly, but I'm extremely happy. I've only been here since Friday, but I've been productive, seen a lot of the area, and bonded with my new roommates, so I couldn't be more content.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to starting the Recurse Center tomorrow, because the introductions of my fellow recursers were amazing and inspiring and I'm really stoked to meet them. To all of y'all at home, I love you and I miss you. You're the best. To a great three months!

  1. When I don't think about my girlfriend and my cat, that is, because missing them is hell.