Veit's Blog

The First Day


The first day. Breathe. You made it. Everyone is nice. You've found potential pairing partners. You did not make a complete ass of yourself, hopefully.

Next time you'll remember to bring a sweater. And you'll come earlier, because the subway is incredibly crowded. Or should you come later? You'll figure everything out.

You got two nice books you plan to read, “Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design” and “Modern Compiler Implementation in C”. Both of them seem incredibly insightful, they will be fun. Breathe.

Thank you, Jeff, Nick, Dave, Saul, Trent, Da Hua, Rudi, Abe, Mark, Sabelo, Ethan, James, Parthiv, Alok, Ben, Michael, Andrea, Iain, Alistair, Sean, and anyone who I failed to list. You made this day wonderful, and I am happy to have met you. And now I need some sleep.

See you tomorrow, folks!