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The End of an Era

I passed my Bachelor's examination yesterday. That concludes a few very busy days filled with anxieties. As I've detailed previously, I also had to undergo the Recurse Center interviews this weekend, an equally draining experience. Everyone assured me I would be fine, but anxiety does not bow to rational thinking. Yes, it was highly probable I would pass. Yes, there was no possibility for the presentation or the thesis to change my GPA—or rather, the German equivalent of the GPA. But that, too, doesn't challenge the rule of all-encompassing, sweating, cold-heat-inducing dread.

But I'm done. I did pretty well in the end, even. My GPA is somewhere around 3.141.86 in German grades, and, because we aren't usually as granular, that is rounded off to 2.0. I am okay with that. I actually got an almost perfect grade for my thesis and a perfect grade for the presentation; the worst grades I received were very close to the start of my studies, when I wasn't as motivated.

All in all, I am happy. This final test concluded a part of my life that I am happy to let go, even though it was one of the happier parts of my life up to this point. I am ready to look for new challenges, without baggage.