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It's time for sharing music again. Interestingly I only feel like writing about music when it's something I normally wouldn't enjoy but still find intriguing. Let's see if that trend continues.

So, today I want to share Tash Sultana with you. She seems new to the spotlight, but an experienced musician, though I cannot say for sure. All I know is that her Tiny Desk performance blew me away. She is so energetic and beautifully excited by her own music that I simply cannot look away, wich is quite unusual for me. I normally let Tiny Desk concerts run in the background, becuase they're often very mellow and calming. Not this time.

I didn't know her music before watching this performance. I'm glad that changed, and I hope I will see much more of her in the future.

Also, that last song is just insane guitar work.