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Radio Is Dead, Long Live Radio


This post will be fairly quick, just a shout-out to a project I’ve been fond of for quite some time.

Some of you might know Radio4000, a website for Youtube-based radio players. I’ve had a fairly active radio there for quite some time now and really enjoy the site. They now introduced an embeddable version of the radio player. Here’s mine:

Fig. 1: The best radio in the world, curated by yours truly.

It’s really easy to embed. The nice folks at internet4000 built a tool that lets you create an embeddable player pretty easily. They really did a great job on that front, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone who is familiar with their work. And of course it is open source! This is all the code you need:

<iframe src="<name>"

<!-- alternatively -->

<script async src=""></script>
<radio4000-player channel-slug="<name>"></radio4000-player>

Fig. 2: All of the scaffolding we need to embed our truly great playlists.

I’m continually astounded by the great UI/UX work of theirs, and quite enjoy the products they build. Definitely a crew to look out for.

I hope you have a good time looking through all of the great channels on Radio4000! Have a great day!