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I’m pleased to announce that I introduced HTTPS to my blog today! From now on you can read my blog posts through the comfort of a secure connection, powered by Let’s Encrypt. I didn’t deploy it any sooner because I really don’t have to use HTTPS, seeing as my blog doesn’t have any interactive content. It’s all just static diatribes of yours truly, no strings attached.

But of course I have some security-minded folks in my inner friend circle who’ve been wanting to read my blog through HTTPS, and as it really isn’t that much work to set it up I decided to give the people what they want. Thanks to Let’s Encrypt, it’s also free for me.

Anyway, I won’t force you to use HTTPS in the future and the HTTP version will still remain online, so there is something for everyone.

I also have two blog posts about Carp in the pipeline, so stay tuned!