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It is time for a new installment of my beloved PSAs! This time I’ll quickly tell you about a nice new way of keeping track of my writings: a Twitter bot.

Although not a Twitter user myself, I realize that a very small percentage of my users actually uses the RSS feed. A pretty good amount of people who read my blog either come through the Recurse Centers internal blog aggregator or various postings and links on the web. A small amount of my closest friends even receive pesky private messages on some platform or other so that they'll feel guilty for not keeping track of my outbursts.

In an effort to create yet another avenue of discoverability, I wrote a few lines to integrate a Twitter bot into my RSS feed generator. It was a tiny amount of work and the fans of social networking among my readers get to follow me in a more convenient way if they so desire, so I declare it a win!

This is all I have for today! Follow my bot on Twitter—or don’t, I’m not a cop.