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A new PSA! We haven't done these in a while! How fun!

In this third installment I just want to tell you that I added two new subsites to my website, now linked to on my homepage. The first one is a website for my latest exploits in computer-generated art, which I've now shown quite a lot of people already, but might be of interest anyway. Most of the happened in the last week, and I'm pretty excited to share it.

The other I'm not quite so sure about. It's a website for my poems. Most of them are written in German—except the poems in felt—, and I'm not sure whether I like them, but I've been writing for years and years, and a lot of people from my home town actually know some of my older work, as I've annoyed everyone through public appearances all through my flamboyant adolescence.

Now I'm less full of myself, and, as a result, less sure of my poems. But I will put them out there anyway, hoping they will not lead to outright dismissal.

That's all I have to say this time.