Veit's Blog

One Year


Today is the birthday of this blog. Exactly one year ago I wrote my first post; in it I briefly wrote about my fear of being unable to write in a foreign language, and about fearing that I’d abandon this blog as quickly as I did with my last, Ghost-based solution.

Now, 365 days and approximately 65,000 words later, I know that my fears were understandable, but unfounded. I feel comfortable with my setup and my writing, even through occasional mishaps and inexplicably popular posts that drive my anxiety levels to the maximum. I am happy you are here, together with approximately 4700 other IPs per month. I am grateful for my audience, a group of people open to non-technical and technical posts, occasional whining, and a lot of weirdly detailed writing about tiny projects noone really cares about.

I also am quite surprised that people have never complained about the homebrew monstrosity that is this blog. Either I’m doing something right—which I refuse to believe, since this is technology and we’re all doomed—, or you’re all much better about being nice to crappy websites than I am.

A special thank you goes out to the Recurse Center and CCC communities, from which I draw a large part of my most faithful readers. Thanks goes also to Hacker News, who was surprisingly friendly to my posts when they ended up there, and the r/programminglanguages community, who has been putting up with a lot of my Carp rants lately. The biggest of all thank yous, however, goes out to my employer Port Zero, who has been supportive of every single one of my endeavours, even though most of them are very clearly not of business value for them.

Thank you for this past year. It has been a wild ride.