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Implementing an IDE in GT


I find it hard to talk about the work that I’m doing at feenk, working on Glamorous Toolkit, in the “dead” medium of a blog post. Consequently, I haven’t written much about anything I’ve done in a long, long while.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t done stuff, however! To prove it—and to bridge the gap until I can figure out how to write about things in a more “live” fashion that better suits my current work—here’s a recording of a talk I gave on a Carp IDE I implemented in a few weekends in Glamorous Toolkit. It’s from last year, but the recording only became available two weeks ago.

Fig. 1: Yours truly, talking about stuff he did for fun.

I have some other things I want to talk about, however, and that I know how to present if I find the time to do so. So maybe I’ll finally write a real blog post again soon? No promises, though.