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Giving to Charities


When I announced my new work as an independent technologist, I also presented my new rates. Most notably, I will be giving 100€ of my 800€ daily rate for open source projects to charities. The obvious questions is which charities I will support using your money, and this blog post is an attempt to answer that question.

Give Well

Give Well is a nonprofit that helps prospective chariteers1 choose effective charities. I’ve used it in the past to choose charities, and I found the information helpful; after all, while I want the money that I donate to matter, I’m not an expert on charities. I decided to let them guide my decisions again, and I’ll probably stick with them in the future.

As such, the money that I will be donating in the coming months and years will go to two charities fighting malaria, the Malaria Consortium and the Against Malaria Foundation. These two charities have very different approaches to fighting the disease: while the Malaria Consortium focuses on preventing and treating malaria and other similarly problematic diseases, such as Dengue and Pneumonia, the foundation Against Malaria focuses specifically on distributing insecticidal nets. I believe that those two approaches work very well together, so I’ve decided to support both of them.


If you know of other charities that you want to share with me, let me know! Of course you can also write to me if you think that I might be missing something about the charities I am already donating to.

I will update this blog post if and when the set of charities I’m supporting changes.


1. Sometimes, in my constant battle with the English language, I make up words and decide to stick with them.