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“I don’t understand,” Turtle shook his head slowly. “You’re telling me you keep creature facts in your head?”

Koala smiled. “Not creature facts per se," she intoned. “Things about them. Like when they were born, so I can wish them a happy birthday, or little tidbits about their family and friends, and where they lived and what they’ve done.”

“But how is this useful?" asked Turtle, trying hard to understand.“I like to keep facts in my head myself, facts that are useful on their own, like what tree bears fruit when, and in which season I need to find shelter.”

“That’s great! But I’m not very good at holding onto these kinds of things, and they’re not that important to me.” Koala paused for a moment to scratch her nose. “You know, when I learn something new about another being, it feels like a little flower. I put these flowers in my pouch, and I keep them there, waiting for the right moment to pass them along. I like when others remember these sorts of things about me,and I think others do too. So then I hand them a flower to brighten their day a little.”

“Hum, maybe that is useful," mumbled Turtle. “Let me try then: when is your brithday again?”

Koala giggled. “Today!”