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As a few of you know, I’m co-organizing Enthusiasticon this year. If you don’t know already, however, this blog post is for you.

Enthusiasticon is a small conference happening on March 31st in Berlin, and it’s free! The basic idea is that the speakers are talking for a maximum of ten minutes about a topic that excites them—or should I say “makes them enthusiastic”? The CFP is still open for another week; sorry for not telling you sooner. We’d be delighted to receive your proposals!

Our keynote speaker, Rachel Uwa from the School of Machines, Making, And Make-Believe, will tell us about what makes her excited, and deliver a little call to action. I’m especially excited about this part; I got to know Rachel briefly when I attended the RC Popup in Berlin—see also—, and found her to be an incredibly welcoming person with interesting ideas, and I want to hear more of that.

We’ve also created a newsletter for you to subscribe to if you want to stay in the loop.

Lastly, I want to thank our sponsors. My ever-gracious employer Port Zero has been kind enough to help us out, and so has the Recurse Center, who I’m sure you’re familiar with if you’re reading this blog—if not, check the bottom of the page!

I’d be thrilled to see you there!