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Tuala’s flipper-paws flapped in the water. “Agoo?”, he squeaked. “Yes, that’s right”, said Turtle, paddling through the water on his back, Tuala propped up on his plastron just enough so his head was above the water level. “Though I also would have accepted rødgrød med fløde or rugbrød.”

Koala looked at them from the shore, holding one of Turtle’s flippers so they wouldn’t drift away. “I think he likes it”, she said with a smile.

Tuala’s eyes were wide open and he looked around, not able to express his feelings with his face yet. He just looked at everything with the greatest possible intent and interest, taking notes in his tiny, powerful, ever-growing brain.

“I think he does”, said Turtle. He looked up, and all he could see was Tuala and the sky, and all he could feel was the water, Koala’s gentle paw, and Tuala’s butt on his plastron. He sighed comfortably. It was a good day.