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A Note on Lockdown


As most of you will know, a lot of Europe is currently under lockdown, partly voluntarily, partly state-imposed. This is due to COVID-19, a novel SARS-like virus.

All of us are currently battling on many different fronts. Some of us are struggling to maintain social distance when they work in customer service. Some of us have to figure out what to do with their children when daycare is closing and noone knows for how long. Some of us have to learn how to cope with being alone at home.

Because all of this is happening, I wanted to make sure that all of my friends, acquaintences, and everyone else in my tiny readership knows: if you need someone to talk to, to drink a beer with remotely, or to just chat with briefly to fight away anxieties and loneliness, I’m here. I have a wide variety of interests, I like to talk about almost anything, and I’m happy to just sit and listen.

Stay safe, stay calm, take care of your health.