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A New Home


The deep blue and green waters of the pond, reflecting the sun, lush trees and prickly shrubbery and undergrowth perfect for rolling around in it and looking up at the stars: it felt right.

Koala’s ears twitched as she outstretched her paw, inscribing an inviting half-circle in the air. “This is it. What do you think?”

Turtle’s eyes, normally tiny and a little sleepy-looking, were wide in awe. “It’s perfect, Koala!”, he said, slowly walking towards the pond. “May I take a tiny swim?” His voice was uncertain now.

Koala giggled. “Of course you may, silly Turtle.” She sat down at the edge of the water. Her hind-paws would get wet, dangling in the pond, but she didn’t care. She looked at her favorite Turtle swimming expertly, coming up only to look at her and gasp excitedly. The wind rustled her fur a little, and her ears were still twitching. She closed her eyes.

They had found a new home.