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Turtle’s eyes widened. I think I just felt it, he exclaimed. Did it move? Koala smiled and nodded. It did. She closed her eyes. Turtle’s flipper was warm on her belly, and the tiny being that rustled in her pouch was being very gentle in its stirring today.

Will it look like you, ro will it look like me?, asked Turtle. Koala cocked her head and looked off into the distance, pondering. It will look like both of us, and it will look like itself, I think, she said finally. But I don’t know for sure. Time will tell, don’t you think?

Turtle couldn’t help but smile when he though of the little one in Koala’s pouch. I guess it isn’t important. Whatever it looks like, whatever it will grow up to be, it will be with us, and we will love it just the same, right?

Koala’s ears perked up in response, and started to wiggle. I think I just felt it again!