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Turtle frowned. His already wrinkly face got even more scrunched up. “Do I really have to?” He looked at the Tiny One’s flipper paws bouncing happily in front of him, his chubby butt sat comfortably in Koala’s pouch.

Koala took his flipper and squeezed it. “You’ll still be here, and we will be here. You’ll just do other things for a part of your day.”

“Ionwana”, Turtle grumbled. Koala’s ears wiggled confusedly, she didn’t quite understand. “I don’t wanna”, said Turtle, a little louder, kicking at a rock with his flipper.

Suddenly, the Tiny One squawked and smiled at him. Turtle’s frown fought for a second, then it broke up. “You’re right, Tuala. You’re always right. It will be okay.”