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“Shnuff”, murmured Koala and scratched her nose with her paw. She couldn’t sleep.

“Shnuff”, grumbled Turtle and wiggled his butt.

Koala turned around and reached out with her paw. She touched the ground. She frowned for a moment. Then she remembered. “I’m not at home”, she thought to herself, and frowned even more. But then, looking up at the stars in the sky shining brightly down at her, her face softened again and she stuck her paws in her pouch to look for the tiny but beautiful life growing within her. “We’re going to be home soon. And for a while we’re going to know again what it’s like to miss it.”

On the other side of the world, Turtle retracted deeper into his shell, dreaming of his fluffy-eared companion. Maybe there even was a smile on his face.