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A New Pouch


“Does that seem right to you?”, Turtle asked, a little bit helplessly. A sling was wrapped around his midline, a little crooked, and definitely not fit for The Little One.

Koala tried to look serious, but her eyes told a different story. “Mhm”, she said, nodding. It was not exactly convincing. She put her paws around Turtle’s shell, and fixed the flaws with a few professional touches. Turtle and Koala beamed at each other.

“Look, Tuala, I have a pouch now, too!”, said Turtle, looking at The Little One. He looked back with doubt on his face, as Little Ones do. After making a series of funny faces and letting out a big yawn, he was stuffed into the fabric pouch and Turtle wrapped his flippers around him. “I feel so close to Tuala, much closer than when he’s in my shell.” Koala just smiled knowingly.

She stretched out one of her paws, and Turtle took it. They started walking, very slowly, so as not to disturb the new life that had joined them, towards all their favorite places, to share all their favorite things with their new favorite being.